Monday, February 2, 2015

Remarkable Updates for Siegelord- Version2.0 Will Soon Be Online

The latest version 2.0 of Siegelord will be soon updated on 5th, February, which is one of the biggest update for Siegelord. At that time, you will see a quite new siegelord from the new systems, new faction war and a series of adjustments. After you've read the detailed updates, you may also want to know: How to Upgrade Fast and Why siegelord is a Browser-based SLG Worth Playing if you are faithful to Siegelord. 

New System
1.Philosopher's Stone
After reaching the maximum level (Lvl100), EXP players obtain will be accumulated in the Philosopher’s Stone. Players can get diamonds when their Philosopher’s Stone reaches the maximum level. A maximum level Philosopher’s Stone will also produce 3 shards of random colors, which can be used in exchange for diamonds. 3 shards of same color will bring more rewards. Philosopher’s Stones can reach the maximum level more than once a day, and players can therefore get more diamonds.

System of Philosopher's Stone is online for Siegelord

Players can recruit Wizards in the Tavern. Wizards can use Witchcraft in the World View and cause damage and restrict movement. In Cross-server Faction Wars, some fortresses will have NPC wizards using witchcraft on other fortresses, occupy these fortresses to become immune to the corresponding witchcraft.

Wizard System is Online for Siegelord

3.Archer Tower
1)When a faction reaches Rank 4, Archer Towers will appear in the World View. Each Archer Tower belongs to a faction and stay unchanged even when the fortress is occupied by enemies.
2)Archer Towers will attack invaders from other factions during Faction Wars. Archer Towers closer to their respective Capitals are more powerful.
3)Each attack costs the Archer Tower duration and when duration is 0, the Archer Tower will cease to be of use.
4)Archer Tower duration can be restored by using witchcraft.

System of Archer tower is online for Siegelord

1) Players can build their own legions or send generals to join legions. Players who build a legion become the Legion’s Leader.
2) All generals that join a legion will be sent to the Capital and cannot move, except the generals of Legion Leader.
3) There are 2 modes of gathering generals in a battle. In Defense mode, generals are gathered for defense only and in Attack mode, generals can initiate duels automatically.
4) Legion Leaders can choose to encourage or use an horn. Encouraging will increase damage generals inflict, and horns can speed up recruitment.
Legion System is online for Siegelord

New Faction Quest: Suppressing Oathbreakers
1.All factions can participate in Suppressing Oathbreakers in the World View
2.There are two steps in completing the quest
Step 1: Parclose Removed. Besiege Tenbury, Drakeston and Blackwell to break Draketon Divine Parclose.
Step 2: Purify Draketon. Retake Draketon. Southcastle,Cragdon and Stonechapel are Oathbreaker Altar, besiege them to slow down Oathbreaker’s speed.

1.Iron Wheel gift pack updated
2.Prison system improved
3.Quest arrangement and level-up process modified
4.Other minor modifications

Experience version 2.0 of Siegelord right now: 

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